Cat Poetry Examples

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Copyright (c) 1997 Andrew Mealey, All Rights Reserved.

A slice of DNA lay in the dish

Facing ‘Father instrument’ and ‘Mother splice’

Tempting hungry chromosomes, looking for a life

Just pray the neighbor’s Cat

Won’t find this lab tonight

And lick it’s fur

For then the world will be

Rid of Dogs and Birds

Open Wide
Copyright (c) 1998 Andrew Mealey, All Rights Reserved.

We sat and swallowed

Open w i d e , BIG gulping

Sucking Up wisdom

Straining for answers

We sat for hours

Absorbing ivory towers

Filling and swelling

Loading and overflowing

We sat and widened

We sat and saddened

We sat sucking and swelling

We sat and swallowed

We sat in silence

Sitting alone unmoving

Undoing unproving

Undone untold immobile

We sat and listened

You stood and talked

We were like kittens

We purred at your thoughts

We sat

You spoke

We longed

You stroked

We sit numb, silent, still.

The Cat, 'Paws'
Copyright (c) 1998 Andrew Mealey, All Rights Reserved.

Oh pity Paws, she walked in glue

And now her fur is stuck to you.

Oh pity Paws, she ate the gum upon the wall

And she now blows bubbles of furballs.

Oh pity Paws, she stayed up howling too late

And now she has 10 Toms who want a date.

Oh pity Paws, she went to school

Flunked her class and felt like a fool

Oh pity Paws, she has to edit this poem

With one quick look she wanted to go home.

Oh pity Paws, and yelp, she said herself

Cause cats are cool, without any help.



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